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Food Sustainability

What a random topic to write about while in the middle of my summarization of results of Optimizing 3D Prints!

In Feb 2016, some of us at NYU started working on a Food Waste related project because a lot of food from events on the campus was going to waste. We started something called Project Avocado. This later became the NYU Freedge, where people could leave leftover food from university related events or other places inside a smart refrigerator. Smart because it could keep a count of the number of times the refrigerator was being used.

This project’s central theme was increasing sustainability and affordability. Tackling food waste across the University campus slowly evolved into tackling food insecurity among the students who attended NYU. For over a year, the project kept growing. However, due to some complications and also my graduation from NYU in 2017, the project came to a halt.

Recently, around Fall 2020, a new team showed interest in the project and revived it. The project is also under a new “management” to speak of, with the NYU MakerSpace (It is the same place where I made all those machined, 3D printed, laser cut etc. artifacts that can be found posted all over this blog).

Why am I writing about this out of the blue? I haven’t mentioned about it (more or less) anywhere on this particular blog.

That’s true. But, it was because the project had its own blog. I’m not a big fan of reposting stuff, even if it is my own work. However, the Project’s blog was highlighted on the left panel of this blog until early 2018. I had removed the link because it seemed like the NYU Freedge had ended its run.

Why did I wait until now to write about this topic?

I wanted to wait until at least two semesters to see if it would continue or if the team would lose interest. (Sorry, if I sounded a little mean here, that was not my intention. There were a myriad of hurdles, bumps, and barriers that Professor Anne-Laure Fayard, I, and some of the old team members had to cross to get certain things done to even start this project. There also was one of the longest chain of email exchanges I had ever been a part of).

The reason for this particular post is, in a way to give the new team a shout out, and also say that I want to include it on the left panel again. Because, it makes me really happy that someone took the initiative to bring this amazing project back to life.

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