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Laser cutters have lenses which are responsible for focusing the laser onto the surface of the material to be engraved. Unfortunately, someone did not use the Epilog Fusion M2, and broke its lens.

Oddly, the lens is a yellow and has a shiny coating on it. When the lens broke, it looked like a spider trapped inside some kind of a crystal.

It looked like amber, but not fossilized. Copal is a resin from different trees, and just like amber, it can have small insects or objects trapped inside it. However, the difference is that copal is not fossilized, and hence cheaper. I made  a simple design using illustrator so that the clear acrylic only melts instead of getting engraved and leaving a residue after the engraving. I also made vector cut circles, so that I can used nuts and bolts to keep the entire thing within the two pieces of acrylic.

And thus, a “copal” was encased.

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