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Milling and surface finishing wood

Wood is a beautiful material for milling. It is possible to mill any type of wood because of its relative softness when compared with the milling tools.

This time, I tried working with plywood. The unfortunate thing about working with a desktop CNC machine is the size of the spoilboard. Because of the thickness of the material, it is not possible to mill without using brackets, and this reduces the size of spoilboard significantly.

After laser cutting a 1/4th of an inch thick plywood sheet to a size of 4″x4″, I placed it on the spoilboard with a bracket. However, I did not use any double sided tape to see if the bracket would hold. And yes, it did hold the material in its place without causing trouble. Another reason for not using tape is because I did not want any sticky residue on the wood, as I was planning to mill both sides.

By this time, it is obvious that I’m still continuing to use OtherMill and Autodesk Fusion 360. I decided to get a DXF image of a tree and created a GCODE. The primary difference is the the tool. For the first time, I decided to use a 1/16th of an inch ball end mill tool (I also tried the same with a 1/16th of an inch flat end mill).

The ball end mill gave a better finish than the flat end mill. I have some place plans for this piece of milled wood.

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