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Graveyard Escape- The Game controlled using Wearable Tech

The term project of my Costumes as Game Controllers class had an awesome team of 4. There were two more teams. My team mates were Olivia, Samvid, and Yuan (White)

While our instructor had given us a task of watching a movie among a few choices (Our team chose The Fifth Element) to learn about how costumes impact emotions. After watching the movie, we were asked to write down a list of emotions. All students wrote down the emotions. We had to pick one emotion, based on which we had to build an entire game that used costumes as it’s game controllers. The emotion we got was:


Yes, we were upset the we got that as our topic. We then had to do mind mapping, a way of generating words that somehow connect with “upset”

We came up with so many words that had even the slightest of connection with the word: sad, crying, suicide, murder, death, graveyards etc. There were also words that had nothing to do with the word: education, college, crows, gambling etc. The most tangential word we got was


How about making a game that begins sad and ends happy? No! That is too much of a cliche. Well, then there could be a factor of choice, begin with sad and end with sad or happy, deepening on the choice. That is what we did with our game:

 Graveyard Escape

 The entire game was made as a choice for one man who had to get out of the graveyard where he was trapped.

The story is pretty long and had to be divided into three acts. In the first act, the man was transformed into a cat, in the second, a crow.

The game began with a simple ritual of placing flowers in front of a gravestone, as in the image below. Conductive fabric was used to make this mechanism.

The game was played using a cat paw glove on one hand, and a black crow wing on another. The claw was used to attack the enemies on the ground, and the wing was used to fly. Below is an image of our instructor trying out the costume game controller.


Finally, the images of a user testing the game while wearing the costume (the game was made using unity):



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