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Shields and Weapons

This one was a real fun project. My teammate and I were given a task of designing an armour, or something that goes with armours.

We decided to build a shield. We decided to make this game in such a way that we would not have to connect the adafruit Flora to a computer. Well, it still needed power to run, so we used a battery.

The shield on its whole, was made using EVA foam. It was embedded with bend sensors on the sides and center (in the form of rectangular pieces). The blue jewels were 3D printed using a translucent PLA filament on an ultimaker 2 extended+ 3D printer. The dragon at the center was made by raster and vector cutting black foam using the epilog mini laser cutters. Other materials used are the  silver acrylic pieces, cut using the same laser cutter, and some silver duct tape. The topmost jewel has the flora, and the other four only had the neopixels. (We also made an effort to hide most of the wires)



The game worked this way: Third is a Two player game. The player with shield has “X” amount of health, which is represented by keeping all the 5 neopixels green (including the one on the flora). The other player has to hit the shield. Each time the shield gets hit at the target (the bend sensors), the flora keeps a count of the hits. When the average of the total number of hits reaches a set threshold, all the neopixels turn red and the game ends.

Here is a simple video of how this woks, but without weapons. When the bend sensor was pressed, the green neopixels turned red. This only shows that the player can be defeated with one hit if the shield target was hit hard enough!

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