2D designs, Das ist kein bier

Das ist kein bier – 6

This is going to be the last of the “Das ist kein bier” series of post, because I am not in Peru anymore, and have returned to New York. It was a fun trip while it lasted.

One of the more important things when considering to own a brewing company is to have a unique identity of its own. When my sponsor decided to name his company, I felt indifferent towards the name. Initially, while making the first two  beer labels, I just randomly did some inept illustrator work on the company name.

That is until, my sponsor finally decided to register the company name. Things become different once a name is registered. A proper logo is required; a logo which can immediately put thoughts of the amazing quality of beer brewed at the company. And there it was… the logo, in the name itself.

final logo

Unfortunately the initial two label designs were subpar and bland. My sponsor appreciated this new logo and its inclusion in the newer label designs. He plans to use it in his ventures. Hopefully, it will help to establish an awesome identity.



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