2D designs, Das ist kein bier

Das ist kein bier – 5

This is a small post that I wanted to show because I got an opportunity to make some beer. I had read about using different kinds of fruit in beer, making them, well… fruit beer.

While in Peru, one of the more vibrant fruits are the Peruvian groundcherries (aguaymanto) or cape gooseberries. Despite the usage of cherry or gooseberry in the name, they are neither of them. These are succulent little yellow round fruits, which are more closely related to tomatoes and tomatillos. Usually used to make jams and sweets. However,  I decided to use it while making beer. Below is an image of the fruit in a small jar, the same (calculated) amount I had used while brewing beer.


I had used exactly one gallon of water, which is also the volume of a carboy, and also the amount of beer I was allowed to brew… because of a reason. Unfortunately, I completely forgot that  water evaporates when boiling, and ended up with just about 3 liters of the fermenting liquid. Well… this was probably that reason.


I specifically did not use a new design for this one, however, I had seen an interesting beer bottle design used by a company called candelaria, mainly, red ale, pale ale, golden ale, and witbier. I was adamant in searching for these bottles. But they were not available in the market. So this was the best thing I could do: buy the beer, finish them all (the manner is irrelevant), sterilize the bottles first using dish soap and then using an acid-based no-rinse sanitizer, and fill them with my newly made beer. (I can get adamant about things sometimes). And since this is home brewing, and also not a commercial business, there is no question of infringement.


I also made a new label and named the beer as cherr-y-manto (I think it is much more creative than using generic names like witreat or stoutnut, got from the minds of a manager). This was a good first brewing experience for me.

Cherr-y-manto fb

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