2D designs, Das ist kein bier

Das ist kein bier – 4

This is a post on two beers made using the same malt (Vienna Malt), which in reality smells like biscuits. The primary difference between the twin beers is the type of hops utilized while brewing.

The flowers from the hops plant are usually referred to as… hops, are a very popular additives to beer., The chief reason for adding hops is to provide flavour and stability to a beer. The first variety of hop used is called spalt, which is a German Noble hop and has a delicate spicy aroma. The second type is an American cascade hop, which is quiet citrusy.

That being said, I was on the verge of designing a new bottle design for the beers, but unfortunately my sponsor decided to go with the first one for one of them. However, I convinced him to use the newer one for at least one of these two beers.

The two designs of bottles are next to each other for comparison. Both have the same volume, but the new one is taller with longer and slimmer neck:


The main difference between the two types of beer is the type of yeast used. The first beer is called Autumn Vienna, it uses a specialty yeast called safbrew-33. Using this yeast gives a spicy and a significantly low amount of fruity flavour.

The second beer is called Winter Vienna. It uses a more common fermenting yeast called safale US-05. This yeast produces higher amount of esters which are responsible for the stronger floral and fruity aroma of many beers including this one.

After doing an accurate measurement using a hydrometer, and letting it float in a graduated tube filled with the liquid, both the beer have the same content of alcohol; the bitterness is 48 in both the cases.


The bottle designs were made using Rhinoceros and the labels using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. They are named as such to mark the almost end of winter in the Southern hemisphere, and the almost beginning of autumn in the Northern hemisphere.


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