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Das ist kein bier – 1

During the summer vacations (probably the final one for me), I would rather do something than sit around. Since my sponsor has invited me to visit Peru, I have been to so many beautiful places. The food here is divine. But that is not enough!

My sponsor has a passion for brewing beer. He makes so many different kinds of them at home. The craft beer he brews is mostly for his friends and family. Someday, he plans to own a brewpub. Since I stay at his place, I have had the opportunity to learn one or two things about beer brewing. At the same time, I try and help him with some 3D designs for his beer bottles and 2D images to be printed as stickers.

This post is going to be the part of a series posts where I show some of the things related to beer, and some of my designs of beer related things.

This one is only going to be my first horribly designed and photoshopped/illustrator-ed design of a Belgian style wheat beer bottle called WiTreat. The bottle is made using Rhino and the label using Photoshop and Illustrator (I know that the design is pretty pathetic, but my sponsor liked it anyway. I will try to create better designs for the upcoming ones)


I am not going to write a lot in this post. The following picture is of the actual bottle and the beer. The beer has subtle tastes of orange and coriander.  From the next post onwards, I will  post the videos and images of how the beer is made. This is going to be an exciting summer after all!


Why call the series of posts “Das ist kein bier”, when it is about beer related things?

Because of a funny little incident that happened a couple of years ago.

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