3D Objects, Engineering, Redesigning Something That Exists

Redesigned Conceptual Bookend

Some time ago, I saw a beautiful design of a push-pull bookend. It was only a concept. The original concept had a good design, however it was lacking many ergonomic qualities.

The original design had about 8 indentations for pens/pencils; a small drawer, probably to store one eraser; a much deeper depression in the central box (objects would have “drowned” inside it); no way of grasping it so that it can be moved etc.

My new design has tackled some of these issues. Now there are many more indentations for pens: these are both on the front as well as back (you must realize that the sides don’t make sense for keeping pens). The box in the middle is not very deep (now the objects do not have a chance to hide). The drawer is at the back and much larger. Many more things can now be kept in it. But the best of all, when there it needs to be stored away, the book case can now be held firmly with two hands.

I have the videos of the designs for the old model and my redesigned model (the good anti-aliasing in Rhino, can  make a piece of rubber look like glass!) Below are the two models compared with and without the stationeries (this is the correct spelling). The old concept is on the left and my concept is on the right. The last image is the back view of the new design.

bookend new


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