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Redesigning something that exists – 1B (Multi-tool)

Continuing with the 7-in-1 multi-tool, the New Design has a lot less parts: 23 only! This includes the screws, now reduced just to 3. As with the previous model of the clock, I have a video for this model as well (mentioned again at the end). The new design is much more efficient to assemble. Take a look at the part count in the image below.


For DFMA, the new assembly efficiency has increased to 43% and design efficiency to 36%. For AEM, the assembly efficiency is now 67% and design efficiency is 56%. But the Part count design efficiency has increased to a whopping 83%. The assembly time has reduced to 160 seconds.

Check out the perspective view of the 3D model of the new design, and match the parts with the first image:

exploded view

Of course, the PCB is only a solid object here and unconsidered for the conducting pathways. The project was overall a huge success, because the labour cost was reduced by 5%. This is not a lot for one multi-tool. But if we consider the thousands they make each year, SWISS+TECH can save a lot with this new design.

Here is a video of the redesigned and assembled 3D model in turntable view. I am still working on animating the assembly sequence. It will be available soon.

P.S.: My friend Hsin-No Lin contributed a lot while working on the DFMA and AEM calculations. He and I worked as a team of two during this project.

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