I like building stuff. But most times, I do not get an opportunity to create something due to all kinds of restrictions. But the modern world is amazing. All I need to do is Think of a concept, Imagine how it would look like, and Design it. Hence the blog is called:

Imagine . Think . Design.

The full stops between the words of this blog’s name are for show and do not mean anything… On the other hand, they might mean that I like to take rest between two subsequent processes.

Ideas are everywhere. Unlike energy, inspiration can be perpetually drawn from thin air!  The human mind is amazing because it is fickle. There is a constant quest for progress and urge for better things. I like to think that I am a philosophical being (No, I am not. But I am funny… at times).

My interest is to develop new and useful product. My background helps me to make them real. But to make a fully feasible and working prototype, after an idea is conceived, the first task would be to create  model or simulation. My interests in building things makes it easy for me to create a model. Sometimes, I also use a process called “Design Thinking”, but most times, it is just an informal thought that becomes the inspiration. Hence, the posts in this blog will show my designs.

Tl; dr: This blog will show some of my creations in the form of images, videos, text etc.

P.S. Please ignore any advertisements inside this blog. I am not a premium user. Also, I do not recommend any of them

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